Birthday Parties

AR Workshop Centerville Birthday Parties!




Youth pARty FAQs:

How much does a pARty cost?

We are waiving our $275 minimum party fee through September 2021. Pricing is per project and range $25-$40.


What designs are offered at parties?

You can browse all youth designs at

What is the recommended age for youth birthday parties?

We recommend age 7 and up! We have project types appropriate for children of all ages - tweens, teens and the in betweens!

Can I bring food and drinks?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring cake, drinks and snacks! You are also welcome to have anything delivered to the shop.

How long is a youth birthday party?

Our typical party slot is 2 hours and that allows time for snacks, a team activity and/or presents. 

Does every child have to make the same thing?

Every child can choose their own project and design from the selection you choose.

Can sports teams, clubs and youth groups have a party? 

Absolutely! Our youth parties are open to anyone and we would be happy to tailor any package and experience for you.

How do I book my pARty?

Just give us a call (937-602-2945) or email (

Do you have to register before hand?

We kindly request 48 hours prior to the party to have a final head count to allow for enough prep time.  We will check in with you 48 hours before the party and that is when final head counts and project selections are due.  We will send an invoice for the project types and number of attendees. 

Can adults come too? 

Yes! We have several adult projects that would fit in the same time frame. 

How do you accommodate COVID restrictions? 

You will have the entire shop to yourselves for the party so appropriate spacing can be done.  Our staff are masked and we sanitize tools regularly.

What is your minimum and maximum capacity

The minimum party value is $275, so you may have 2 -20 attendees but the minimum amount must be met.  We can hold 20 kids in the studio at one time. 

Will other parties be in the shop with ours? 

No. You will have the entire shop to yourselves.

Can we play music? 

Absolutely! We have an Amazon Music subscription so you can play anything you like! 

Can we keep items cold? 

Yes, we have a small refrigerator capable of holding bottled water,  soda cans or a couple 2-liters.  We do not have a freezer. 

Can you use our logo, jersey number or team design? 

Yes! We would be happy to design anything with your logo as long as you own it.  We are unable to do anything that is copyrighted such as college teams or Disney characters. A custom design fee may apply. 

Can we request a specific staff member?

Sure!  We will do our best to schedule with your request depending on their availability. 

What happens if we go over time?

This typically doesn’t happen but if it does we can usually accommodate small overruns on time.  

What if we finish our projects before time is up? 

Given that this is a workshop, it is not conducive to running around after the crafts are complete.We have several game sheets or mini blocks available. 

Do you have badges for girl or boy scout troops?

Yes we do! Our projects fit nicely into Scout curriculums and qualify for badges. Contact us for details.

ADDITIONAL PACKAGES  We can customize any party package for you.  Please contact us to arrange details.

 Don't forget to peek inside our memorable youth pARties by watching our short videos here and here